National Day holiday notice and introduction to National Day Holidays

To celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Jiayue Pins Company responded to the national policy and has a seven-day holiday from October 1st to October 7th. During the holiday period, our salesperson may be a little slower to reply to your emails. Of course, if you have pins, coins, medals,etc. that needs to be quoted or confirmed urgently, please feel free to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible.

Take this opportunity, below is a brief introduction of China’s National Day Holidays

Origin of the holiday
On October 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China is established, ending the humiliating history of being invaded and enslaved for more than 100 years, and truly became an independent country. Chinese people have since stood up and become the masters of our own country.
Since 1950, October 1st has been announced as National Day and become a grand celebration for people in China.

Holiday preparation
“Big Flower Basket” in the center of Tiananmen Square

On the eve of National Day, a large flowerbed will be placed in the center of Tiananmen Square. The large flowerbed in the center named “Blessing the Motherland” features flower baskets as the main scenery, with peony, magnolia, hibiscus, rose and other flowers inserted in the basket. The plane part is composed of flowers with a pattern of wishful thinking, which symbolizes prosperity, auspiciousness, peace and happiness. Chinese knot patterns and Chinese dream characters are embedded on the surface of the flower basket. The flower bed has a diameter of 50 meters, the widest part of the flower basket is 15 meters, and the top height is 15 meters.

National flag raising ceremony

The national flag raising ceremony of Tiananmen Square in Beijing is a place where countless Chinese dream of seeing, seeing the prosperity and strength of the motherland, and watching the soldiers raising the flag to express their incomparable love for the motherland. Watching the five-star red flag rise slowly, the excitement is beyond words. Every National Day, the flag of the People’s Republic of China is raised at 6:10. Every year, more than 100000 tourists come to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising ceremony.

Lantern and flag

Every National Day holiday in China, many public places will hang lanterns or banners or flag to celebrate the National Day with slogans such as “Celebrate National Day”;

National Day holiday

Since 1999, the National Day has been the “Golden Week” holiday. The statutory holiday for National Day is 3 days, and the two weekends before and after are adjusted to a total of 7 days; the National Day holiday has become an excellent time for Chinese people to travel, which has led to overcrowding in various attractions. Of course, enjoying food is also a great joy. With the rise of self-driving tours and homestays, more and more people choose to take a rest in a quiet place in the mountains to relax their minds and bodies.

Wedding ceremony
The happy and long National Day holidays has also become the best day for many new couples to get married. Therefore, an important event for many people during the National Day holidays is to attend the weddings of relatives and friends.

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