Enamel pins introduction

enamel pins, lapel pins

Enamel pins are small metal pins that are decorated with enamel colors and attached to clothing, bags, hats, or other accessories. They are a great way to express personality, style, and interests and promote brand, business, etc.

Enamel pins can be used for different purposes and occasions, such as:

Personal expression:
You can wear enamel pins to show your hobbies, passions, fandoms, or humor. You can also collect and trade enamel pins with other pin enthusiasts.

You can create enamel pins with your logo or slogan to increase your brand awareness and recognition. You can also give away enamel pins as promotional gifts or rewards to your customers or employees.

You can use enamel pins to advertise your products or services, or to support a cause or campaign. You can also sell enamel pins as a source of income or fundraising.

You can make enamel pins for special events or occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, etc. You can also use enamel pins as souvenirs or keepsakes for memorable moments.

Types of enamel pins

Soft enamel pins

These are the most common and popular type of pins. They have a metal base with raised metal edges that separate the recessed enamel colors. The enamel colors are air-dried and have a textured surface that follows the contours of the metal. You can also add an optional epoxy coating to give your pins a smooth and glossy finish. Soft enamel pins have cheaper, more color options, more detail, and more effects than other pins. They are ideal for designs that have sharp lines and contrast.

Hard enamel pins

These are the highest quality and most durable type of pins. They have a metal base with polished enamel colors that fill the entire surface of the pin. The enamel colors are baked and have a smooth and flat surface that is flush with the metal. Hard enamel pins are more elegant, more professional, and longer lasting than other types of pins. They are ideal for designs that have solid colors and simple shapes.

Die struck pins

These are the simplest and most classic type of pins. They have a metal base with no enamel colors, but with a polished or antique finish that enhances the metal’s natural shine or patina. The metal base can have a 3D relief or cut-out design that creates depth and dimension. Die struck pins are simple, classic, and sophisticated, suitable for logos or symbols that need to stand out.

3D pins

These are the most unique and creative type of pins. They have a metal base with no enamel colors, but with a 3D sculpted design that creates realistic and detailed shapes and textures. The metal base can be plated with different colors or finishes to match your design. 3D molded pins are eye-catching and suitable for complex or organic shapes that need to be represented accurately.

Glitter pins

These are the most fun and festive type of pins. They have a metal base with glitter enamel colors that create a sparkling and shiny effect. The glitter can be added to any color or part of your design to make it more attractive and noticeable. Glitter pins are fun, festive, and attractive, suitable for special events or celebrations that need some extra flair.

Glow in dark pins

These are the most cool and innovative type of pins. They have a metal base with glow in the dark enamel colors that create a luminous and bright effect in low-light conditions. The glow in the dark can be added to any color or part of your design to make it more cool and noticeable. Glow in the dark pins are cool, innovative, and noticeable, suitable for night time or dark environments that need some extra visibility.

Production steps of enamel pins

The production process of enamel pins generally includes the following steps:

Design: According to the customer’s needs and preferences, design the pattern, size, shape and color, and whether the back needs to install pins or magnets and other accessories. Commonly used design software are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, etc. If you need to generate 3D effects, you also need the support of 3D Max and other software.

Engraving: After the design is confirmed, use a computer engraving machine to engrave the designed pattern on the metal plate, forming the mold. After engraving, heat treatment of the mold is also required to enhance the hardness of the mold.

Stamping/injection: Use a stamping machine and the prepared molds to stamp the metal plate into the shape of the pins, then cut off the stamped badge from the metal plate. For zinc alloy pins, they are formed by injecting liquified zinc alloy into molds.

Polishing: Use a polishing machine to polish the surface and edge, remove burrs and impurities, and make the pins smoother and flatter.

Plating: Use an electroplating machine to plate the required color on the surface of the enamel pins, such as gold, silver, copper, etc., or according to the customer’s requirements for double or multi-color plating.

Coloring: If the pins need to be filled with color, enamel paint or resin and other materials are used to fill in different colors on the plated pins. There are typically two types of filling processes: soft filling (soft enamel) and hard filling (hard enamel). The former has a concave and convex feeling on the surface, while the latter has a smooth surface.

Baking: Paint-filled pins needs to be dried by a baking machine at high temperature to solidify and fix the paint

Assembly: According to the customer’s needs, install clutches or magnets and other accessories on the back of the pins, making it easy for customers to wear or attach the lapel pins.

Packaging: Clean and inspect the finished pins, and then pack and ship them according to the customer’s requirements.

For detailed production steps, refer to:

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How to order enamel pins

If you need just a few pins, Etsy is a good place to purchase. For pins sellers, for your every design, when you need 100 pcs pins, welcome to place your order with Jiayue Pins our company. The easiest way to place an order is by sending us your requirements to our online quote request form or emailing us.

For the complete procedure of ordering enamel pins from us please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Submit your artwork or design idea: You can send us your artwork or design idea through our online form or email. You can use any file format, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, AI, PSD, etc. You can also describe your design idea in words or sketch it on paper. We will work with you to create the best possible enamel pin design for you.

Step 2: Choose your pin type, size, shape, backing, quantity, etc.: You can choose from our wide range of enamel pin types, such as soft enamel, hard enamel, die struck, 3D molded, glitter, glow-in-dark, etc. You can also choose your pin size, shape, backing, quantity, and any other options that you want. We will provide you with a quote based on your choices and requirements.

Step 3: Payment: Once you accept the quotation, you can pay for your order by PayPal or bank system,etc.

Step 4: Review and approve your proof: With your payment, we will send you a digital proof of your enamel pin design for your review and approval. You can check the details and colors of your design and request any changes or revisions if needed. We will not start production until you are completely satisfied with your proof.

Step 5: Receive your pins: Upon your approval of the proof, we will produce and ship your enamel pins within 2-3 weeks. You will receive your pins in a sturdy and protective package. You can enjoy your pins and share them with others.