Marathon badges: a reflection of art and culture

Marathon is a long-distance running sport that originated from ancient Greece. It not only tests the physical and mental endurance of the participants, but also showcases their spirit and style. Marathon badges, which are the medals or souvenirs that the participants receive after completing the race, are an important part of the marathon event. They are not only a recognition and motivation for the participants, but also a promotion and publicity for the event. They are also a reflection of art and culture, reflecting the style and spirit of the event, and displaying the charm and value of the event.

Types and characteristics of marathon badges

Marathon badges have different types, depending on the participants’ performance and category, they can be divided into the following categories:

Finisher badges:
These are the most common badges, as long as the participants finish the race within the specified time, they can get the badges. Finisher badges are usually made of metal, but sometimes other materials, such as wood, glass, plastic, etc. are also used. Finisher badges have various shapes, such as round, square, heart, star, etc., and some also have ribbons or sashes. Finisher badges’ patterns are generally related to the name, logo, year, etc. of the event, and some also have the participants’ name, number, score, and other personalized information. Finisher badges are the honor and pride of the participants, as well as their memory and proof.

These are a more advanced type of badges, only the participants who rank in the top few in the race can get them. Medals are usually gold, silver, and bronze in color, representing the first, second, and third place respectively. Marathon medals’ shape and pattern are similar to finisher badges, but they are generally larger, more exquisite, and more valuable. The back of the medals usually have the participants’ name, number, score, etc. engraved. The awarding of medals is an important ceremony of the marathon event, usually led by the leaders or guests of the organizing committee on the podium for the winners. Medals are the glory and dream of the participants, as well as their goal and motivation.

Commemorative badges:
These are special types of badges, only issued in some events that have special significance. The purpose of commemorative badges is to commemorate the history, tradition, innovation, breakthrough, etc. of the event, or to express respect, gratitude, support, etc. for some people or events. Commemorative badges’ shape are related to the theme of the event, and some also have special slogans, mottos, symbols, etc. Commemorative badges’ distribution methods vary, some are part of the finisher badges, some are issued separately, some require participants to purchase or donate. Commemorative badges are the emotion and belief of the participants, as well as their responsibility and commitment.

Functions and values of marathon badges

Marathon badges are not only a material reward, but also a spiritual encouragement, they have multiple functions and values. They can be used as:

Recognition and motivation for the participants: Marathon badges are a recognition and praise for the participants, they prove the participants’ efforts and achievements, and also inspire their confidence and pride. Marathon badges are also a spur and stimulus for the participants, they promote the participants’ progress and improvement, and also inspire their challenge and surpass.

Promotion and publicity for the event: Marathon badges are display and introduction for the event, they reflect the characteristics and style of the event, and also attract the attention and participation of the event. Marathon badges are also a dissemination and influence for the event, they expand the popularity and reputation of the event, and also enhance the level and quality of the event.

Impact and contribution to society: Marathon badges are an education and enlightenment for society, they convey the philosophy and value of marathon sports, and also cultivate the health and vitality of society. Marathon badges are also a service and dedication for society, they support some public welfare and charity causes, and also promote some cultural and exchange activities.

Representative and creative marathon badges

There are many famous and excellent marathon events in the world, and their badges also have their own characteristics and creativity. Here are some examples of representative and creative marathon badges:

Boston Marathon: Boston Marathon is one of the oldest marathon events in the world, its badge is a golden unicorn, symbolizing speed and strength, and also implying pursuit and dream. The back of the Boston Marathon badge has a four-leaf clover, representing luck and hope, and also expressing respect for the Irish population in Boston.

Laifeng Longshan Two-City Marathon: This is a marathon in the city of Laifeng, it is where Jiayue Pins factory is located. The badges are all manufactured by Jiayue Pins our factory. On one side, it has a 3D phenix, the other site has a dragon, representing our two cities, Laifeng and Longshan. There are words “One marathon in two provinces, meeting in Laifeng Longshuan” on the front side.

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