New Year Greetings from Jiayue Pins CEO

Dear customers and partners:

In the beginning of year 2022,I’d like to express my sincere thanks for your support in the past year, please accept my best wishes for your health, wealth, and happiness in year 2022.

Year 2021 is an extraordinary year for all pins people. Facing covid19, people around the world have been learning to live with this virus. We now are more getting used to daily lives of telecommuting, keeping social distance, etc. Lapel pins and medals are more widely used to represent our mood, our personalities, our hobbies. Companies are distributing more pins and medals to express thanks for employees, to award their achievements in this hard year. You, our pins people, have made these happen.

As bridges between factories and end users, because of you, people can get their favorite pins, designers can put their masterpieces in imagination into tangible pins, company members are more united with the sense of belongings. Also because of you, sports activities are more colorized, you lighten their spirit when they receive their pins and medals. And because of you, people love sports more, pursuit for sports happiness, pay more attention to health, which is extremely important in fighting this pandemic.

For Jiayue Pins, the best support we can do is supporting your business by delivering your every order smoothly. Fast response to your inquiries, spending less time on inefficient communications, shorten production time to 2-3 weeks, ensure good quality of every pin/medal, coordinate with best couriers to make products reach your hands on time and safely.

To achieve these, Jiayue Pins hired more people, provided more training, purchased more equipment, further reduced unit consumption of water and electricity, also improved the utilization rate of raw materials. Also in year 2021, Jiayue Pins invested 2.0 million US Dollars and established Jiayue Pins Industrial Park in Laifeng City, Hubei province. With this industrial park, Jiayue Pins now can serve you with even faster delivery and lower cost.

When you need to make any pins, medals, coins, keychains, etc., welcome to send your inquiry online. Within 24 hours, a competitive quotation will be sent to you.

Wish you all the best in year 2022.

Steven Liu, CEO

Jiayue Pins Co.,Ltd.

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