Jiayue Pins factory
Company Introduction

Welcome to Jiayue Pins, the leading manufacturer of custom metal accessories. Jiayue Pins specializes in manufacturing high-quality lapel pins, custom medals, challenge coins, police badges, metal keychains, bottle openers, belt buckles, cufflinks, and more. Whether you need a personalized gift, a promotional item, or a commemorative souvenir, Jiayue Pins is ready to supply for you.

Our factory has 10 years of experience in the metal industry, now in our two manufacturing bases, more than 100 skilled workers are using advanced production equipment and technologies to ensure the best quality and efficiency of products manufactured for our customers.

Jiayue Pins has strict quality control system and professional design team to meet your specific requirements. More than 3000 active customers from all over the world are ordering custom metal accessories from our company, including government agencies, corporations, schools, clubs, sports teams, online sellers and individuals.

We are proud of our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. Jiayue Pins always strives to deliver our products on time and within budget, ensuring highest quality for retail customers and low-cost, fast delivery of mass products for organizations. we are passionate about creating custom metal accessories that reflect your unique style and personality.

At Jiayue Pins, we value our customers’ trust and privacy. That’s why without customer approval, we don’t display customer design, logo, or product on any social media, our website, or other platforms. We protect our customers’ intellectual property rights and confidentiality with the utmost care.

Sincerely welcome customers from all around the world to Jiayue Pins for cooperation.


Supplying customers with good quality pins, medals,etc custom metal accessories to delight every end user.



Becoming a well-trusted custom metal accessories supplier serving global customers.



Customer First, Integrity, Quality, Learn&Grow, Innovation

Where we are

No. 5-1, Fuyang Road, Luyang Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China.

Jiayue Pins workshop 1

Guihuashu Industrial Park, Laifeng County, Enshi City, Hubei, China.

Jiayue Pins workshop 1

Visit Jiayue Pins Workshop 1

Workshop 1 gate

Jiayue Pins office building

Office building lobby

Workshop 1 production building (right)


Screen printing workshop

Visit Jiayue Pins Workshop 2

Jiayue Pins workshop 2 building

Mold workshop

Mold workshop

Jiayue workshop

Metalworking workshop

Lapel pins production

Die-cast workshop

Automatic coloring workshop

Handmade coloring workshop

Meet Jiayue Pins people

Jiayue Pins CEO

Jiayue Pins CEO Mr. Steven Liu

Jiayue Pins workers

Jiayue Pins workers

Jiayue Pins workers

Jiayue Pins 2022 annual meeting

Lapel pins for activities

Jiayue Pins workers weekend outing

Jiayue Pins public relations

Jiayue Pins CEO

Jiayue CEO Mr. Steven Liu speaks in governmental meeting

Jiayue Pins CEO

Jiayue CEO Steven Liu(right 1 in black) welcomes governmental leaders visiting

Jiayue-pins-on TV 1

Jiayue Pins on TV

Jiayue-pins-on TV 2

Jiayue Pins on TV

Jiayue CEO Steven Liu(middle in black) attends social activities

Jiayue CEO Steven Liu(right 1 in black) welcomes governmental leaders visiting