Bottle opener introduction

Bottle opener seem to be a dispensable existence. People who don’t drink beer don’t need to use bottle openers. People who love beer naturally have various ways to open bottles with their hands or with the help of other tools.

Bottle openers are more like a home accessory that can be admired and played with. It is a bit like a refrigerator magnet. It is functional also similar to a small ornament. It can embellish a small corner of the home and add a little mood.

As a manufacturer of cute bottle openers, Jiayue Pins has manufactured many with different kinds of design. Also this website has a lot of cute bottle openers.

The following are a few good-looking and fun creative bottle openers, let’s take a look!

Xinjiang Museum beer bottle opener

bottle opener
bottle opener
bottle openers

The bottle openers designed by the Xinjiang Museum is inspired by the prairie stone people in northern Xinjiang. There are two types, one is the village chief and the other is a soldier. There are magnetic stickers on the back of the bottle opener, so it is also a refrigerator magnet with a cute shape!

Dunhuang Academy bottle opener

bottle opener
bottle opener

Dunhuang, a pearl among all Chinese museums, also has two designs of bottle openers. One as enlightenment and the other as surplus; Qizhi is taken from the image of a sitting lion in Yulin Grottoes, which means enlightenment and wisdom, and Youyu is taken from the big fish in Yulin caves. Its meaning is surplus. There is also a magnetic sticker design on the back, which can be used as a refrigerator magnet.

Chengdu Museum Shanhaijing bottle opener

Chengdu Museum, designed the bottle openers with two little monsters from mountains and seas, Hun Dun and Ping Peng, and they are also refrigerator magnets.

Tsingtao Beer Museum bottle opener

There are more than a dozen types of bottle openers in the Tsingtao Beer Museum. The following is just one of these bottle openers that is beautiful and memorable. This one uses the Tsingtao beer drinking cap as the design element, which is really beautiful.

Basketball shooting rack bottle opener

The back is a whole piece of magnetic soft glue, which can be glued to the refrigerator. The basketball board is made of solid wood. After prying off the bottle cap on the basketball, the bottle cap falls into the basketball net. It is a very interesting design.

Poker bottle opener

bottle opener

This is a very creative design. The poker Ace of Spades has two colors, one black, and the other one stainless steel. The spades in the middle are hollowed out, which can easily open various beer and soda bottles.

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