Pins production lead time notification

You may have noticed that recent months, the lead time from most of your suppliers is longer than before. There are mainly two reasons:

1 Order quantity increase

Because of covid19, many countries factories production capacity is weak. But in China, there is almost no influence, all factories are fully functional, the supply chain is complete. Now every overseas-business-related factory in China is filled with orders. In Jiayue Pins our factory, order quantity is more than doubled this year, workers number is increased by 35%, also automatic coloring machines are increased a lot, still not enough.

2 Production slow down caused by electricity limitation

As too many orders are coming to factories in China, many factories decide to expand production capacity. But from country point of view, these two years orders amount increase is not a healthy phenomenon. If allowing factories expand unlimitedly, after the pandemic is over, when orders decrease, many factoires will go bankrupcy. Therefore, now government starts to limit this unreasonable expansion by limiting electricity consumption. Many factories can only open half-day. This electricity limitation makes production capacity smaller, lead time longer, but for long run, it is a better solution.

Because of two reasons above, pins, coins, medals orders lead time in Jiayue Pins our factory changes from 2-3 weeks to 3-5 weeks now. Thanks for your understanding. And surely we will keep same good quality as before, building up your brands with good quality promotional metal products.

Also now the ocean transportation from Shanghai to LA and to New York is too crowded. we have customers their cargo in ship already waited for two weeks at the port, still could not get declared from customs. Now more and more customers separate their orders into smaller qty and ask us to send by FedEx. By the way, we have good fedEx rate because of long time big amount Express delivery.  So now we also encourage you to place order earlier, with smaller qty, send by FedEx,etc. 

For FedEx, because they have too many orders too, so they do not guarantee delivery time since months ago. In the past, within 3-5 days, the package can reach customers hands. Now we are informed by FedEx that 3-10 days reaching customer is quite normal. 

So should you have orders need to reach your hands by Chinese Lunar New Year Holidays (Jan 22 to 10th Feb.), please try to place order earlier.

As usual, when you need quote or production, the easiest way is a few clicks on our website online quote request form here:

Expect to supply you with good price, good quality fast delivered pins, coins, medals,etc products. 

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