Merry Christmas to all Jiayue Pins customers

At this wonderful time of Christmas Holiday, please allow us, all workers in Jiayue Pins, to express our sincere best wishes to you and your family: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jiayue Pins workers
Jiayue Pins workers

As our factory main business activities are supplying metal related products such as enamel pins, medals, keychains, coins, bottle openers,etc for overseas customers, the success of Jiayue Pins is deeply connected with the success of our dear customers. We are as eager as you to support your customers. Seeing your business growth from ordinary to excellence is the best reward to us for the hard work in making your products.

Year 2022 is not easy for everybody. Due to weak world economy, companies and individuals spent less on non-essencial expenses, advertisement and activities. We experienced some customers business shrink, even some bankruptcy. What can we do? The only way out is keep going! We believe the power of believing, with hope in mind and smart work, the weak economy, like the cold winter weather, will finally go away.

The best support from Jiayue Pins to our dear customers is: Always react fast to your inquiries, deeply understand your requirements with efficient communications, manufacturing your products with good quality, make timely and safe deliveries. Like before, in year 2023, let’s work together to build up a brighter new year.

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