Is alibaba pin manufacturer suitable for everyone?

When you want to find enamel pins manufacturer, China is surely one of the best countries to consider. China is one of the a few countries having ALL product categories. You can find everything in China.

When you source enamel pins manufacturer from China, normally there are two ways. One is searching directly from Google, the other way is use alibaba, hen search enamel pins manufacturer there.

alibaba pin manufacturer

When you search from Alibaba website, you will find that there are so many manufacturers. We know different factories have specific strong points on certain aspects, while not so strong on other aspects. It is generally agreed that for your enamel pins manufacturer selection, if you pay more attention to lower cost, then alibaba pin manufacturer is a good choice.

On Alibaba, there are too many pins manufacturers. After you send out your inquiry, more than 20 factories will be informed and all of them understand that in order to win this order, their cost must be low, otherwise you will probably not consider them.

Low cost means mass production, means not so strict quality control, otherwise the low cost will make them not be able to cover their cost, let along having profit. So if your order has quite big quantity, they are mainly used for publishing or distribution,etc, not for retail sales, then you can always find good alibaba pin manufacturer.

If your customers are mainly B2C buyers, and they pay high attention to the quality of pins, especially for hard enamel pins, then it is important you find a pins manufacturer who having lots of workers to hand made coloring your pins. Hand made enamel painting result is surely better than automatic coloring machine.

Jiayue Pins most customers are from B2C platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, Patreon, Kickstarter,etc. Their customers pay high attention to pins quality. If the produced pins quality is not good, that will bring big trouble for sellers. After years comparison, now many customers only use Jiayue Pins our factory to make their pins, because they know Jiayue Pins are always dependable. Every time when they receive their pins package, they will not get disappointed. What they will receive is purely happiness, no worries nor uncertainties.

Welcome to try Jiayue Pins with a 50-100 pcs trial order, then you will know Jiayue Pins is really the right factory you are looking for. With a few clicks on our quote request form, your requirements can be sent to us and you will receive quotation within 12 hours.

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