Baseball development in China

In recent years, the baseball wind in China has quietly blown. Many provinces and cities have begun to vigorously develop youth baseball. Various national and local leagues have emerged one after another. There are many favorable factors behind this.

From a macro perspective, China has launched a development strategy for integrating sports and education to comprehensively strengthen youth physical education; Socially, baseball is a very suitable project for children to practice, and it is very beneficial to the physical and mental health of young people. From an industrial perspective, baseball has broad market prospects and space, and can be deeply integrated with culture, fashion, education, entertainment, catering and other industries to create a huge business ecology.

On December 10, at the China-Qingdao Fashion Sports Industry Conference, the MLB Major League Baseball and Qingdao Sports Bureau formally signed a contract. The two sides will launch a series of cooperation, from youth baseball talent training, baseball sports popularization and competition system construction and so on.

The partners will implement the campus baseball development concept of integrating sports and education. Through immersive teaching methods and diligent practice of regular games, the MLB First Pitch baseball public welfare class and the youth baseball league will be used as the starting point to promote the local sports and baseball

sports development and popularization.

The blooming of youth baseball games can fully promote the popularization of baseball among young people, thereby further expanding the base of our country baseball population. These events will also further open up the career development path of Chinese baseball talents. As the tournament has MLB participation and endorsement, the chances of outstanding players who stand out from these tournaments entering the top professional tournaments will also be greatly increased.

After the establishment of a competition system for Chinese youths, how to allow Chinese youths to continuously influx and fully consolidate the foundation of Chinese baseball has become another key issue for the rise of Chinese baseball. The key to solving this problem is to build a complete ecosystem for Chinese baseball.

And the in-depth cooperation between MLB and Qingdao City has given answers to the question of how to build the ecosystem. First of all, in the popularization of baseball, MLB gave full play to its expertise in the field of baseball and launched the   Baseball Public Welfare Class. Youths and parents in Qingdao can learn about baseball through this course.

At the same time, MLB will work with Qingdao City to promote and implement baseball sports into campus activities, and create a series of Qingdao City primary and secondary school baseball special projects, so as to allow more young people to participate.

Secondly, build a high-level competition platform for the youth baseball crowd. In addition to hosting the Qingdao First Pitch Youth Baseball League, MLB has also made great efforts in the training of event service-oriented talents and the introduction of professional event resources. For example, jointly establish Qingdao baseball coach and referee training and certification system to enhance the professionalism of the youth baseball league; promote the development of Qingdao professional baseball club, and cooperate with professional baseball clubs to convey the concept of top clubs.

The cooperation between MLB and Qingdao will also help the construction of urban sports culture, create a strong atmosphere of baseball culture for Qingdao, promote the diversity of Qingdao sports, enhance Qingdao   baseball cooperation and exchanges with foreign countries, and help the construction of Qingdao International Fashion City.

Before Qingdao signed the contract, MLB had also established a consensus on cooperation with the Chinese Baseball Association, as well as Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuxi partners. In the cooperation between the Chinese Baseball Association and MLB, the two parties will work together to deeply cultivate youth baseball, bring baseball public welfare classes to more areas of the country, and help more children receive professional baseball training and obtain comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, and physical fitness.

The future of Chinese baseball lies in the youth, and the training of youth is on the campus. Starting from the campus to cultivate baseball talents will open the door to a new world of Chinese baseball. MLB efforts are leading the development of Chinese baseball on a path of sustainable development.

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