Awards elements for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics

On the evening of December 31, 2021, when the New Year’s bell rings in 2022, the awards elements for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are officially released. The awarding elements released this time include the award table, award tray, award tray placement table, customized version of the mascot souvenir of the award-winning athletes, award bouquet and award ceremony costumes.

The award ceremony is a highlight moment for the winning athletes in the Olympic Games, and it is the best way to express congratulations and respect to the winning athletes. The awards ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics is based on the theme of “Ice and Snow Glory”. Various award elements are combined with shining medals, cheering for the outstanding achievements of the ice and snow athletes, paying tribute to the athletes’ fighting spirit, and showing at the same time out of the unique charm of Chinese etiquette culture.

Award stand

Award stand

Taking the “Sky Blue” in the Beijing Winter Olympics color system as the main color, using core graphics and ice and snow lines, the overall image is simple and generous. The box body is made of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. The honeycomb-shaped inner core increases the load-bearing capacity while reducing its own weight. The countertop is covered with low-temperature anti-skid soft pads to meet the requirements of ice and snow projects. At the same time, the modular assembly method is adopted, which can be quickly moved and assembled to meet the needs of rapid conversion from single-person projects to multi-person projects. The appearance design of the Paralympic Games podium is consistent with that of the Winter Olympics. In order to meet the needs of disabled athletes, a barrier-free ramp design has been added.

Award tray placement table

The award tray placement table will be used by the staff to place the trays with medals and souvenirs in the awards venue in advance for the guests to use. The award tray placement table is divided into two types, large table and small table, which are used for multi-person events and single-person events respectively. The exterior color adopts “Tianji Blue” and “Beijing 2022” seal, which is suitable for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The outer cover of the large platform is made of highly elastic and breathable knitted fabric. Both models of the platform have been designed with counterweights to fully consider the safety of the outdoor stadium under the strong wind environment.

Award tray

The shape resembles an open book page, implying that through the Beijing Winter Olympics, a new chapter of Chinese culture and friendship between various countries has been opened to the world. The edge of the tray adopts a blue and white gradient design, presenting a “smudged” oriental aesthetic conception, symbolizing the integration of Chinese culture and world culture, and embodying China’s open, friendly, peaceful, and tolerant mind. The tray is made of environmentally friendly materials, and the surface of the tray is padded with a non-slip silicone pad to effectively prevent medals and souvenirs from slipping off.

Award-winning athletes customized version mascot souvenirs

The customized version of the mascot souvenir is a souvenir awarded to the award-winning athletes at the souvenir award ceremony held in the competition venue. The overall design is based on Bingdundun and Xuerongrong, the mascots of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and is supplemented by a wreath woven of pine, bamboo and plum, forming an exclusive customized souvenir for the award-winning athletes. The pine, bamboo and plum, known as the “Three Friends in cold winter”, symbolizes tenacity and vigorous vitality, and expresses praise, respect and good wishes to the award-winning athletes. The wreath shape is made of golden PU filled cotton, soft and warm, easy to hold.

Award bouquet

In order to practice the concept of frugal and sustainable running of the Olympic Games, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics will use hand-knitted bouquets as award bouquets, which will be awarded to the award-winning athletes together with the medals in the medal awarding ceremony. The cashmere bouquet not only retains the shape of the bouquet in the Olympic award ceremony, but also implements the concept of sustainability. It implies warmth and harmony. It can be preserved forever and become “the Olympic flower that never fades.”

The awards bouquets for the Winter Olympics include 6 beautiful flower patterns of rose, Chinese rose, lily of the valley, hydrangea, laurel and olive, which symbolize friendship, tenacity, happiness, unity, victory and peace. The bouquet ribbon is the color system of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The blue in the middle, with the combination of shades, highlights the elements of ice and snow sports. In the Paralympic Winter Olympics awards bouquets, a blue cosmos is added to the Winter Olympics awards bouquets, which symbolizes strength. The yellow bouquet ribbon in the Beijing Winter Olympics color system makes it vigorous.

Award ceremony costume

There are three sets of plans. They are “Ruixue Xiangyun”, “Hongyun Landscape” and “Tanghua Feixue”.

The design of “Ruixue Xiangyun” is based on the two traditional Chinese auspicious symbols of “Snow” and “Auspicious Clouds”. The color uses Tianji blue and Xiaguang red, and combines traditional Chinese cross-collar right gussets and double-breasted jackets with modern clothing. While refining the core graphic elements of the Winter Olympics, the technique of “golden blue landscape” in traditional Chinese painting is transformed into the form of embroidery. The overall dress shows the Chinese charm with modern and simple techniques. It will appear in the award ceremonies of all snow stadiums during the game.

The design of “Hongyun Landscape” is inspired by the famous Chinese painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, using the expression techniques of landscapes in Chinese paintings, combining traditional Chinese landscape images with mountain shadows in the core graphics of the Winter Olympics, blending classic and modern, blue and white. The landscape leaps into the clothes room, achieving a simple, elegant, fresh and smooth visual appearance. It will appear in the award ceremonies of all ice stadiums during the game.

The design of the “Tanghua Feixue” series is inspired by traditional Chinese Tang Dynasty fabrics, refined patterns and snowflake patterns, combined with the light patterns in the core graphics of the Beijing Winter Olympics, meaning openness and welcome all countries in the world to participate in the event. It will appear at the award ceremony in the awards plaza during the game. The three series of award-giving costumes are divided into leader costumes and pallet costumes, which are distinguished by blue and red respectively. Each set of award clothing includes jackets, hats, gloves, non-slip boots, self-heating thermal underwear and others.

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