All Winter Olympic Games Medals

With the comming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 04th, 2022, let’s review all the Winter Olympic Games medals since year 1924.

Year and cityDesignObverseReverse
1924 Chamonix Winter Olympic medal1924 Chamonix Winter OlympicsA winter athlete holds a pair of skates in his right hand and a pair of snowboards in his left with his arms outstretched. Alpine peaks in the backgroundFourteen lines of French text: “Winter Olympics in Chamonix, 25 January 1924 to 5 February 1924, supported by the International Olympic Committee, organized by the French Olympic Organizing Committee”
1928 Winter Olympic medal in St. Moritz1928 Winter Olympics in St. MoritzSkater with open arms surrounded by snowflakesAt the top are the five Olympic rings, with the words “Second Winter Olympics – St. Moritz 1928” engraved below. On both sides is a cinnamon stick.
1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympic medal1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympics MedalAbove is a goddess holding a laurel crown in her right hand, sitting in the clouds. In the background is the ADIRONDACK Mountains, at the foot of the mountain are the winter sports fields and the scenery of Salt Lake City.The top is the Olympic rings, and the bottom is the cinnamon stick. The words “The Third Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City 1932” are engraved in the middle.
1936 Winter Olympic medal in Garmisch-Partenkirchen1936 Winter Olympic medal in Garmisch-PartenkirchenAbove is a three-horse carriage driving on the Arc de Triomphe, driven by the Goddess of Victory holding a cinnamon stick. Below are a few examples of winter sports equipment. “GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN” is engraved on the edge.Engraved with the Olympic rings and the words “IV. OLYMPISCHE WINTERSPIELE 1936”.
1948 Winter Olympic medal in St. Moritz1948 Winter Olympic medal in St. MoritzIn the middle of the two snowflakes, the words “The Fifth Winter Olympics – St. Moritz” are engraved.Against the backdrop of the Olympic rings, a hand holds a lit torch. There are three decorative snowflakes on the left and right sides. The edge of the upper half is engraved with the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.
1952 Oslo Winter Olympic medal1952 Oslo Winter Olympic medalAbove is the torch, below is the Olympic rings. “Olympia” in Greek is inscribed in the background. On the fringes are the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger” and the French words for “Olympic Games”.There are the words “Sixth Winter Olympics, Oslo 1952” in Norwegian, three snowflakes and a pictogram of the Oslo City Hotel.
1956 Winter Olympic medal in Cortina d’Ampezzo1956 Winter Olympic medal in Cortina d'AmpezzoPortrait of a woman wearing five rings, with the Olympic torch on the right. “VII GIOCHI OLIMPICI INVERNALI” is engraved on the edgeThe POMAGAGNON mountains overlap with snowflakes again. “CITIUS ALTIUS FORTIUS – CORTINA 1956” is engraved on the edge.
1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympic medal1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympic medalProfile portraits of two young men and women, representing the vigor of the world and the United States. The words “The Eighth Winter Olympics” are engraved on the edge.The Olympic rings are engraved in the center, and the Olympic motto “faster, higher, stronger” is engraved on the edge.
1964 Innsbruck Winter Olympic medal1964 Innsbruck Winter Olympic medalThe Alps with the inscription “Innsbruck 1964” on the edge. Below is the name of the sport.It consists of the Olympic Rings and the Inn River Bridge, with the words “IX – OLYMPISCHE WINTERSPIELE” engraved on the edge.
1968 Grenoble Winter Olympic medal1968 Grenoble Winter Olympic medalThe official emblem designed by Roger Excoffon with the inscription: “XEME JEUX OLYMPIQUES D’HIVER GRENOBLE 1968″The pictogram of the relevant discipline, also designed by Roger Excoffon, for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games
1972 Sapporo Winter Olympic medal1972 Sapporo Winter Olympic medalA slightly raised lineThe 11th Winter Olympics “Sapporo 72” in English and Japanese.
1976 Innsbruck Winter Olympic medalIt consists of the Olympic Rings and the Inn River Bridge. The Inn Bridge is the landmark of Innsbruck and the origin of the city’s name. It symbolizes the friendship and unity of a nationSki area with the Alps in the background. The Olympic flame is on the right
1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic medal1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic medalA hand holds an Olympic torch, with mountains in the background, decorated with five rings and the words “XIII Winter Olympics” in English.Engraved with fir branches and the Olympic logo and the words “Lake Placid 1980”.
1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic medal1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic medalIt consists of a snowflake and the Olympic rings, and is engraved with the words “XIV Zimske Olimpijske Igre – Sarajevo 1984”.Head profile of an athlete wearing a cinnamon stick
1988 Calgary Winter Olympic medal1988 Calgary Winter Olympic medalA snowflake outlined in a single line, and engraved with the English and French words “XV Winter Olympics Calgary 1988”.The profiles of two people, an athlete with a laurel crown and an Indian with headdresses such as ski poles, sleds, and guns.
1992 Albertville Winter Olympic medalThe five Olympic rings, with the mountains in the background. The top of the medal is engraved with a cinnamon stick, and the bottom is engraved with the words “16th Winter Olympics” in English and French.A pattern carved from plain crystal, with strong lines symbolizing the mountains.
1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympic medal1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympic medalThe Olympic rings, the words “XVII Winter Olympics” and the year Lillehammer 1994The name of the sports in English, and the pattern of the sports
1998 Nagano Winter Olympic medal1998 Nagano Winter Olympic medalThe rising sun surrounded by olive branches, and the Olympic logo.The Shinshu region, depicted with lacquer painting, with rising sun against the mountains and the symbol of this Winter Olympics.
2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic medal2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic medalThe image of the athlete breaking out of the iceberg and the fire represents the Olympic spirit, the vitality of the human spirit and the energy that is inspired, while the words “Light the Fire within” are engraved on the front of the medal left.The Greek goddess of victory – NIKE, holding a leaf symbolizing the olive branch laurel crown. In the arms of the goddess is the name of the sport to which the medal belongs.
2006 Turin Winter Olympic medal2006 Turin Winter Olympic medalWinter Olympics patternSports motto
2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic medal2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic medalThe Olympic rings are designed with an undulating surface, the medals are in the shape of an orca with laser engraving.Official name of the competition in English and French, as well as the 2010 Winter Olympics emblem and sport name
2014 Sochi Winter Olympic medal2014 Sochi Winter Olympic medalThe Olympic rings are engraved on the solid partThe names of the events and the Sochi Winter Olympics emblem in English, with the official name of the 22nd Winter Olympics written in Russian, English and French on the side
2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic medal2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic medalThe upper left adopts the Olympic five-ring pattern, and the surrounding is filled with vibrant diagonal lines, reflecting the spirit of “Olympic athletes’ sweat and endurance”.The Olympic logo and the specific event name are printed on the back. The side is surrounded by the Korean consonants and vowels of the Korean language “Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018”.
2022 Beijing Winter Olympic medal2022 Beijing Winter Olympic medalThe five Olympic rings are engraved in the center, and the English language of the 24th Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 is engraved around it: XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.The emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympics is located in the center, with the words “Beijing 2022 Olympic Games” engraved around it, and the competition items.

Above is just a brief introduction of these medals. Should you want to know more, welcome to read this Olympic official page.

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