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Frequently asked questions by customers

Below questions are frequently asked by our customers, welcome to have a look. Should you have other questions, please feel free to contact us. Q: What process can your company offer? A: Based on products nature, our factory can carry…

Events promotional gifts production

What is an event promotional gift? As the name suggests, promotional gifts, also known as promotional items or gifts, are widely incorporated into the marketing events by companies. Promotional gifts are mainly used to promote the company, corporate image, brand…

Applications of metal badges

Metal badges, medals, and commemorative medals have always been a popular glamorous product in Europe and other countries. Any pattern and text can be used to indicate the identity and occupation of the wearer. Based on functions, there are many…

How are lapel pins, custom coins and medals manufactured

Soft enamel pins production can be mainly divided into the following steps: 1 Molds preparation 2 Blank pin preparation 3 Plating, coloring and packing Step one, molds preparation 1.1 Inputting designs to engraving machine After discussion with customers, now the artwork/mock-up…

How does Jiayue protect customer’s Intellectural Property

We understand that in many factories, after manufacting customer’s pins, the factories declare that they have the right to use the design, the manufactured pins for their own purpose. This does not happen in Jiayue! In Jiayuep, we strictly protect…

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